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Художник, любящий юмор в сексе, BDSM и рядышком, обожающий животных и демонов, Аналимпийские игры, а также различные пикантные ситуации.
Вот что он пишет о себе:
Who am I?
I am Disarten and I draw adult pics and comics.
If you like my creation and you want to see a lot of different stuff - WELCOME!
What I want?
I want to do a lot of stuff which is liked by me, my fans and patrons. Really a lot of beautiful stuff. Pictures, comics, games and animations. And that, when I die, my fans say:"He was such a good artist. It is a pity that he is gone". :)
About my thoughts
I love beautiful pictures, but I also love the beautiful stories. So I don't really like the modern adult video art. There is only man + woman and process. It's boring! Probably liked by most of the audience, but I don't.
Draw-art is not limited by budget or actors; only by the talent of the artist and his imagination. This is great! This is what I do!
Every day on the Internet, on the street, on TV, I see a lot of interesting stories that i can use to draw nice adult stuff. Olympics Games or a blonde in the dentist office, the World Cup or personnel department.
Its really funny! :)

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