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The raids on the Roman camps had been more productive than Krull the Barbarian could have imagined possible. He had heard that several large Roman slave ships had arrived at the small natural harbor to replenish fresh water supplies, and that the ships were heavily laden with a full cargo, but he could never have guessed the incredible numbers he found, nor that nearly of the slaves would be voluptuous women and beautiful young harem-trained girls selected at the very best of slave auctions. These were the best examples of females available anywhere in the Empire. The incredible stock of more than two thousand prime cunts were bound for Brittany, in preparation for the first ever visit to the islands by a ruling Caesar. The slow responding Roman sailors and guards had been mercilessly slaughtered by the hoard of Barbers that swarmed down into the large cove in a sudden and daring brutal raid, some in the initial swift defeat that saw the site quickly conquered, and the remainder in the orgy of violent castrations and death sports that followed. The warriors of Barbery were infamous for their brutal cruelty to captives, and their reputation was well earned. All of the surviving males were first anally raped, which took the better part of the morning, then the unfortunate survivors of the raid were used for violent and deadly blood-sport by Krull's men. One favorite event pitted a pair of sturdy lads against each other in a violent kicking contest. Before they began, both contestants had their arms chopped off to prevent them from cheating by punching or wrestling. Course cords were tied tightly around the short stumps to reduce the bleeding, to ensure they would not bleed to death before their full entertainment value in the bizarre and brutal contest had been realized. The object of the violent game was simple: each nude contestant, in order to avoid also having his legs chopped off, was to crush his opponent's testicles by kicking them as hard as he could, while attempting to avoid suffering a similar fate. It was an incredible sight to see sound young men, in the prime of life, with their perfectly good arms cut off, attempting to pulverize each other's gonads for the entertainment of their conquerors. Even more amazing was that all of the young men forced to participate in this incredibly brutal contest were so sexually stimulated by the event that they sported raging erections. The captive contestants were openly weeping, and some were shaking uncontrolably, but they were also enormously aggressive in their assaults on their opponents, hoping to somehow save what remained of their suddenly miserable lives. Ten pair of freshly amputated young Romans fought simultaneously along the beach, encircled by unruly groups of the victorious and rowdy Barbers, who's crude clamor was not loud enough to hide the screams of agony as vicious ball-crushing blows from march-hardened feet struck home. They fought brutally and valiantly, dealing excessive harm to their fellow-soldiers. Their cooperation in participating in the horrific fights earned them nothing. Merciless and violent impalement up the ass with a stout spear, and then beheading, was the only reward for both contestants, winner and loser. Another event that usually followed the first was called simply Cock & Balls. Two men had a long leather thong tied to them, one had the tough leather strap tied tightly around the base of his penis, while the other had his scrotum tied off. They were placed standing close together back to back, and the other end of the twenty foot cords tied tightly to their genitals were tied together. On a signal, the lash of whips across their buttocks encouraged the terrified men to run screaming away from each other at top speed. Their actual separation speed was in fact double their running speed, and was sufficient that when the forty foot long line suddenly snapped tight, one of the swift runners usually lost his fat prick while the other man was neatly castrated. There were two novel and astounding variations of this brutal event played following the raid, because there were so many Roman captives to dispose of. In the first blood-thirsty and gender-destroying event, a dozen men and boys who were sound of body were lined up behind a team of four swift horses, and their genitals were tied in the fashion of those who had already suffered castration, with both their penises and scrotums secured in a tight loop with one end of the long leather thongs. Curiously, for all of these bloodthursty events, the unwilling participants always produced raging erections. The other end of the cords were secured to the teams' harness. On a signal, long lashing whips were liberally applied to the bare asses of the men and the beasts, and they all set off with an explosive start, running at break-neck speed in the same direction down the beach. Unfortunately there was great discrepancy in speed between the humans and the horses. One by one the men and boys stumbled, with catastrophic results for their manhood. Their entire assembly of external sex equipment was ripped from them to fly in the air, to the laughter of the spectators. Soon the horses ran with the cords behind them bouncing, with severed male sex organs securely attached at the far end. In the second event in which horses were used, the men stood in a long row, and the other end of the cord knotted about their external sex organs was strung to an overturned Roman chariot. Like the first group, the flacid penises of these men grew to raging erections under the strain of the binding cords. The captive Roman soldiers, ranging in age from mid-teens to seasoned men in their late thirties, were forced to back up until their long cord swung in the air between their bound sex equipment and the chariot. Several of the Barbarian raiders moved along behind them with their whips, forcing them to lean backward enough to draw the cords tight and put some pressure on their raging pricks and bulging balls. When all were ready, a team of horses was galloped between them and the chariot, and most of them ejaculated at the moment their bound gonads were ripped out by the roots. Another brutal entertainment used on captive soldiers was a forced masturbation contest. This was the most humiliating competition of all. Ten muscular men were stripped naked, and forced to gather around a pair of voluptuous naked slave-women, who were forced to lie on the sand and with the persuasion of flailing whips, to perform passionate oral sex on each other. The women complied, writhing erotically as they attacked each other's cunt with her mouth. The men stood around them, their penises rising to erection with the , and were commanded to masturbate until they were able to shower the women with their sperm. Any man who was not quickly producing jets of his thick cream felt a sword slide between his legs from behind, and in seconds he was a eunuch if he did not respond by spurting gobs of semen over the writhing naked bitches. In less than five minutes there were half a dozen severed penises and testicle sacks on the sand around the naked slave women. Fresh talent was added to replace those soldiers who had given up their sex organs, and the contest was repeated, with those men who had been successful forced to continue in the bizarre game. Amazingly, some of the men who had produced sperm early were sufficiently driven they brought forth more of their slimy spunk. The nude women were forced to insert the severed penises into their wombs and their rectums. Then, as they lay tits-up, panting with exhaustion from their active ordeal, the beautiful bitches' bellies were sliced open and they were gutted alive, which brought further ejaculations from the aroused contestants. The castrated men were pushed onto their backs and their arms and legs were chopped off, leaving them to die with four bleeding stumps. Those who had produced sufficient sperm to retain their gonads either took a Barbarian broadsword driven up their asses, or were disembowelled alive like the ladies before they were mercifully beheaded by their otherwise merciless captors. As the long afternoon of barbarous and destructive entertainments progressed, the entire beach area became strewn with writhing naked men, lacking their male equipment as a result of their participation in the variety of monstrous castration sports. Few of the castrated men regained their feet, but the youngest Barbers were given the opportunity to practice all of their battle skills. These were boys who were old enough to sport little erections, but had yet to grow pubic hair. They moved along the beach, swinging their axes, downing those few who stood, lopping off sound limbs, gashing open tight bellies, and then decapitating their screaming male victims. Killing the subdued Roman soldiers was boys work, and was good practice for the youths, preparing them for vicious hand to hand battle by building their lust for spilling guts and blood. It hardened them so they would wade fearlessly into battle. The boys were veterans of several bloody campaigns on this trip alone, and were strong enough to hack through a thick neck with just a few well-placed blows. This type of training experience made superior soldiers of the men of Barbery, and made the very word Barbarian one to be feared. Krull's army consisted of eighty men, a dozen young apprentice soldiers not yet sixteen, and two dozen young boys who killed the fallen soldiers. The rugged troup had easily taken a camp of more than three hundred Roman sailors, soldiers and slavers, with the loss of only six lives, four of them young boys who had got too close to the action. The great warrior Krull was both capable and feared, and with good reason. When he conducted a raid, his victory was always complete, as he left no survivors. It was a lesson the Romans were slow to learn. As the young boys worked their way through the survivors, dispatching them with the ferocity of experienced warriors, the rest of Krull's men moved the slave women and girls off the ships, looted and pillaged the vessels, then set them afire. The men were astounded at the incredible beauty and the numbers of the females they had captured. They were worth a fortune if they were to be ransomed, but the Barbers traded with nobody. They took what they wanted, and had robbed Ceasar of his most prized harem. Half of the he women and girls were set aside into a quickly assembled holding pen, which required no strudy structure, as the guards and their whips were all that was necessary to keep the females captive. The others were all gang raped by the barbarous raiders in long and satisfying orgy that lasted through the afternoon, evenong, and all of the long night. When a man ejaculated, he would pull out, wipe his cum-slicked penis of the woman he had raped, then fall into a brief but deep sleep. When he awoke he was ready to take on another gripping cunt or cum-slicked rectum, or plumb the depts of the immature pussy of a little girl. Anything that could house a runting cock did, and so it continued, with each of the raiders getting half a dozen brief but restful sleeps throughout the night, and as much raw sex as they could wish for. The slave women received no such respit. As dawn broke, each Barbvarian man and boy took a female and deeply encunted her with his shaft, or buggered her, according to his taste. On a signal from the mighty Krull, each of the men plunged his knife into the female he was fucking, skillfully driving the blade through her left breast (if she was old enough to have breasts), between the ribs and into her heart. Slaughter of the women and girls in this way was the traditional way to end an orgy, and it was considered good luck to free so many gentle spirits at the same time. It would bring them good luck in their next raid. With morning, the men were ready for the next level of their bloody sports. It was time for fun with the females who had been set aside in the large makeshift pens. Before they could begin, the defeated Captain of the Roman army was brought before Krull. He had been saved until all of his men had been slaughtered, and carefully guarded through the night. He remained in his full battle dress. That was the only dignity afforded him. It was best for the victors that he witness his entire army being destroyed. The man was, like Krull, a true warrior and it was a necessary ritual that he be totally crushed by his conqueror. The Roman was held by two of Krull's most powerful guards, while a third and fourth stripped him naked before his conquerer, throwing his armor and uniform to the watching rabble of Barbarian warriors. He was a large, rugged man with incredible muscle tone. Every sinew and muscle rippled under his sleek skin. He had no fat. He was a remarkable find, worthy of a full ceremonial execution. A beautiful young slave woman knelt before him, took his penis into her mouth, and skilfully encouraged the considerable male member to stand at rigid attention. The young slave girl was so excited at the violent events of the afternoon and at being selected to take part in the execution, to service the impressive sex organ of the conquered leader of the Roman army, a man who had been her master only hours before, that she lost bladder control, and urinated a prodigious stream onto the sand as she took the naked warrior's full erection into her throat. This was an honor she could hardly believe she had been given. He was an imposing man in every way. It took both the slave girl's hands to cup his free-swinging testicles. When she released them, it was clear that the man was not only a soldier, but was also an impressive stud. The Roman was forced to squat, with his knees wide spread. His wrists were bound behind him, rendering him harmless, and then straps were used to bind his ankles to his upper legs, keeping them tightly bent so that he could not stand. Now Krull stood and walked around his vanquished Captain, inspecting this marvelous male specimen. He was pleased to have defeated such a striking foe. It was the ultimate victory to conquer such a leader. He used the flat of his sword to slap the man's buttocks, striking him so hard that he raised angry red welts on the naked male flesh. The fierce blows forced the bound nude warrior to move raised up on his toes, on which he was precariously balanced on the sand. Krull was skilfully and with purpose manoeuvring his prized captive so that his feet opposed each other with his legs spread, and his testicles swung between his raised heels. When he had the Roman in exactly the right position, he placed the tip of his sword into the curls of the Roman General's hairy chest, and gently pushed. The defeated warrior struggled to maintain his balance, but at last fell over backward, and the action brought his heals together, completely and efficiently crushing his balls with the force of his own weight. Strangely, the destruction of his testicles drove a last gush of semen from the warrior's penis, which landed on his face. The guards lifted the vanquished Roman General back up onto his feet in the forced crouching position, with his destroyed testicles dangling as flattened pulp in their flesh sack. His penis had deflated, but was still impressive as it dangled from his shiny puff of dark pubic curls. Even in this moment of total defeat and humiliation, the great warrior was impressive. Krull further humiliated his captive by pissing on his face, washing away the sticky semen. Then with a single blow of his great sword, he decapitated the squatting naked and totally defeated warrior. This was a fitting end for a man who had lost such a great fortune in slaves, and had also lost a great batalion of soldiers. No mercy was due a Roman General who could not properly protect Ceasar's property. When news of this defeat and loss of human property got back to Rome, another assemblage of of captive females would have to be hastilly put together so that the trip to Britany would not be a total waste of the mighty Ceasar's time. Thirty of the plumper white women were separated out of the pack of luscious cunts, their bellies were slit open, and the beautiful screaming bitches were gutted alive. When they were properly prepared, the shapely bitches were impaled on skewers, and were set on spits to roast over open fires, to feed the hoard of hungry warriors. This was not only more expedient than hunting game, but provided a ready and ample supply of tasty succulent female flesh, considered a rare delicacy in some parts of the civilized world. The taste of a plump woman roasted alive, cooked to perfection over an open fire, surpassed the taste of fresh venison, in the minds of the Barbers. These men lived for the dominance of flesh. Although the eating of men was considered canabalism and was done only in emergency situations, they believed the roasted flesh of captured women made the perfect feast. As the fucking and feasting progressed, so did the blood lust of the savage killers, and they brought out their new steel weapons, which were captured from the Romans. In the two hundred years since the Romans had introduced their new calendar, the Barbarians had found that the improved alloys and design of weapons meant the edges were keener, and that the weapons held their sharpness longer, before they were too dull to use in battle, and were passed along to the young boys for their deadly war games they waged on both male and female slave children. The slaves were provided with dull wooden weapons, to help the boys get used to facing foes that were armed. The training proved to be valuable for the brave little boys of Barbery, but were deadly for the slave boys and girls. The men would watch and coach the boys on the finer arts of battle and slaughter. Krull's men had learned the pleasures to be experienced in the depths of their loins when they tortured or killed their sex partners in the moment prior to ejaculation. The contractions of the bitch's muscles brought great milking spasms as they gripped the invading penis, whether it was planted in the throat, the vagina, the anus, or deep in a new portal cut into the meat of the female victim. The breasts were the only part of the body that did not respond to torture by gripping a penis thrust into a stab wound in them, but the bouncing mammaries did make excellent subjects for torture. The lovely bitches would always writhe in an erotic and stimulating dance of agony on the invading male sex organ while their breasts endured horrendously violent and damaging punishment, to enhance the man's orgasm. Favorite spots for fresh entry fucking was in the side of the neck, in the navel, in the side just below the rib cage, and in the groin in the hollow beside the vagina. Another was in the tenderloin muscle on the inside of the upper leg, but it was tricky to cut a good cock holster there, and it meant lashing or spiking the bitch's leg to a plank to hold it still so that the penis could stay planted. Only the more seasoned warriors used this approach, but it was said to give the greatest pleasure, as even the slightest movement of the leg brought on erotic rapture. The object of intercourse for the Barbarian warriors was to totally dominate the female they used to satisfy the lusting in their loins. Total submission was usually not enough to satisfy the need for total power. Total conquest usually meant death for the vanquished. The only exception to this harsh treatment was for the herd of human brood mares, fifty-five young women who were selected to become and to remain pregnant. In addition to a constant pattern of forced and usually violent sexual intercourse, carrying and dropping their foals, and wet nursing, they did all the cooking, found fire wood, made clothing, built the shelters, and they carried provisions like pack mules for the warriors when they traveled, which was most of the time. When the bitches foaled a female while traveling, the little cuntlet was killed for food for Krull's favored leaders. Female children were never allowed to live beyond the age of eight, so that they would not become targets for raids. They were useful from the age of four as serving girls, and for the last two years of their brief lives for sexual diversions, but were otherwise considered to be a liability. They would often capture and sexually play with girls between the ages of eight and fourteen, but never allowed those in this age range to remain alive for more than a few hours. Hoarding bitches in this age range, which was favored throughout the world for sexual pleasures, was to invite raids by otherwise disinterested bands of scavengers and pirates. Brood mares were selected from groups of captured women, before the raping, pillaging, and killing began. They were, from the time of their capture treated as domestic animals, only were handled more severely and with less respect. These proud men recognized the true value of females, and they acted out their clear understanding in ways that left no doubt in the minds of the inferior sex. Krull's men had been nearly a month without a full blown sex and destruction orgy, and this incredible find was all they needed to bring out their best and their worst. It was party time for the bloodthirsty hoard of Barbarians. They built a series of huge fires along the beach, and each of these became a center of brutal bloody action. Men drifted from one fire to the next, watching or contributing to the mayhem that ensued, which featured the brutalization, torture, and slaughter of the captive women slaves, one by one by one. It was in the creative killing of women the Barbers had patience. They were in no hurry. Enjoying the deaths of the slave women was their reward for a ferrocious battle. The bitches were the booty, and with the exception of the few who would be favored to bear their seed and whelp new Barbarians, they were all doomed to die on this broad bloodied beach. Krull commanded his men to bring him a little plaything for his penis. A remarkably beautiful ten year old black girl named Ooti was brought to Krull as he lay stretched out on a soft blanket of slave women beside a roaring fire. The child was a Moor, and had a fine golden brown skin that was smooth, soft, and flawless. Ooti was a well trained slave girl, perfectly manicured, precociously cute, and she had the most perfect little fold between her slender legs that Krull had ever seen. The pretty child's delicate little sex lips were lighter than her rich olive skin, and they stood out slightly, curling down from the fine fold at the pink upper tip of the pretty female sex organ that would some day hood her clitoris if she were to live long enough to allow her pretty little cuntlet to mature into a real woman-cunt. As it was, Krull felt the delicate female organ was capable of gratifying his tastes in its present state, so there was little need to contemplate how long she would be permitted to live. The length of her life was of little interest to him. She spread her knees slightly, and pressed her hips forward in a seductive move, as her previous owners had trained her to do, so that Krull could examine her beautiful genitals with his inquisitive probing fingers. Her vagina was dry, but as he rubbed his finger gently up and down along the delicate edge of the slightly protruding inner sex lips, her moisture began to show, and the inner surface of the opening lubricated itself, preparing the way for the insertion of the stout finger, and full penetration of her well educated little fuck slot. Krull inserted his finger, and pushed it in to the full depth of her pouch, so that the tip of his rough digit pressed against the soft pad of her uterus. He felt the warmth of the young organ, and the tender squeezing action she provided to his invading finger, as well as a subtle and seductive motion of her slender hips as he fingered the warm and moist interior of her sex organ. The Moorish child had already become a shameless little harlot at the tender age of ten. Krull was delighted with her. The child had been trained by expert women and men to use her reproductive and digestive systems, and her entire body, for the pleasure of a man. That was her mandate, and her entire purpose for living. She had only justified her existence in the harem by mastering at an early age the mysteries of debauched sexual pleasure. Krull commanded her to please him, wanting to taste the ten year old child's sexual skills before he took her to the next level. She moved over him, and lowered her delicate organ and rectum over the erect head of his enormous penis, tracing wet lines of her sex moisture over the flared head of the monstrous male weapon with her delicate flesh petals, showing no signs of intimidation or fear at the size of the huge male organ. This perfect petite pleasure child was going to tease him, and Krull was in no hurry. The pretty little Moorish coquette had seen the horrifying and murderous treatment provided to the ill-fated Roman soldiers, sailors, and slavers. What she had witnessed was much more severe than Ooti had ever seen before when she had changed ownership as a result of such raids. She fully believed those Romans deserved to die. They had been negligent in their duty, probably because they had bought these thousands of female slaves at auction, rather than having earned them with blood. They had failed herself and the other slave women by providing inadequate protection from these notorious slave raiders. That was a capital crime. How they died was of little consequence to her. She was shocked at the way they were carnally assaulted and sexually tortured, but she had no sympathy for them. She would not fail at her duty. Ooti had now fallen prey to an unbridled hoard of blood-thirsty cutthroats who derived sexual pleasure not from erotic stimulation, but instead from sadistic sexual violence instincts. The carnal degradation, suffering, and ultimate exciting destruction of both males and females, was the driving force to bring the Barbarians to the point of ejaculation. It was common practice for marauding armies to loot, rape, and pillage. But that was never enough for the savage warriors of Barbery. They were infamous for going much farther, and for performing the most heinous acts on their victims, then roasting the most prized and succulent looking specimens for their feast. They had even been known, after a long march and an exhausting battle, for the savage practice of biting off and eating the flesh of live young women and girls. Their raw and excessive brutality was a pure expression of sexual power. They were the ultimate end users of their hapless captives, and their pledge was that after they had tasted carnal pleasure from their victims, male or female, nobody would ever find another use for them. Ooti was shameless as she lowered herself onto the stout flesh-shaft of Krull's enormous penis. Her little anus had been well prepared for this kind of abuse, through extensive training with the insertion of training plugs, designed to stretch her little colon and to enhance the flexibility of her pretty puckered anus. The child had the experience to know the value of moistening the head of the male glans before taking it into her. It made the entry a bit less painful, and allowed her to mask the enormous discomfort at taking into herself the monstrous male weapon. Krull leaned his elbow on the face, and then moved it down onto the throat of one of the beautiful young women he was lying on, and enjoyed her desperate struggles under him as she slowly strangled to death. One of his men got his mouth over the stream of hot acrid urine that sprayed from the cunt of the dying young woman, capturing the amber essence of the beautiful bitch's last piss before she expired. She writhed and strained erotically right up to her death, providing amusement for the warrior chief reclining on her and the men who were watching the interesting use to which he put her. Krull's attention was focused on the little nymph dancing her colon on his penis, and he hardly noticed when the buxom young lady slumped in death. Even after she was dead, the full breasts and supple body of the bitch lying between others still alive made a suitable portion of Krull's human mattress as he fucked into the tight bum of the cooperative slave child. Krull called for entertainment as he buggered the enticing child, and a couple of his men brought a buxom teenager over to his fire. He told them he wanted to see her suffer, and the lusty men went to work on her. One of them grabbed her ankles, and lifting her upside down, held her legs wide spread. The other man drew a pitch-soaked stick out of the fire, and thrust the end that had not yet ignited into her anus. He blew on the end that was glowing, and it burst into flame. The beautiful young woman, an elfish Egyptian, had developed an incredible vocal range, and her screams and moans were easily heard well down the beach. These were triggered by terror and by anticipation of her fate, as well as by pain from the rough wood forced into her fundament. The flame burned toward the flesh ring of her anus which tightly gripped the burning stick. The blazing torch found pockets of pitch in the old stick, and flared into renewed life. The girl's buttocks began to tan and then redden from the heat, and in another couple of minutes, the dancing flame was blistering the sides of the wide pocket between her buttocks, and then singeing the gripping muscle of her impudent rectum. Her anus was involuntarily hosting the instrument of its destruction. Krull saw a large iron bar lying on the beach, part of the rigging of a Roman chariot that had been destroyed in the battle. He motioned toward it, and without a word, the men knew what he expected. The stick was quickly burning out, as there was no supply of oxygen inside the girl's colon. They pulled the burning stick out of her, and replaced it with the end of the thick iron six foot long shaft. They got the naked girl onto her feet, and forced her to bend forward, with her back to the fire. Then she was forced to back up toward the fire, so that her new iron tail, implanted deeply into her colon, rested in the flames. Gradually the intense heat caused her great discomfort from being too near the flames, but she was forbidden to move away from the fire. Then the heat in the shaft spread inside her. Now she was experiencing real pain. As the screaming slave-bitch squatted there, roasting her buttocks, legs, and her internal digestive track, the two men pulled flaming brands from the fire and held them under her dangling breasts. They both had to hold her head still as they tortured the poor young lady. Her body fat sputtered and caught fire as she roasted, and she lost her ability to remain standing. She was fading, and after several minutes, the men allowed her to roll onto her back. First one warrior, and then the other, pushed his flaming stick up into her offered vagina, searing her delicious cuntmeat for Krull. When she was barely conscious, one of the men lifted her by the hair and the other swung his short sword, slicing through her slender neck, cleanly decapitating her. He threw the severed head of the beautiful slavegirl into the fire, and they watched with pleasure as it burst into flame and was consumed. Her remaining carcass spurted jets of blood from the neck-stump for nearly a full minute. When the pulsing blood spouting diminished, the men thrust their swords through the erotic headless body's big tits into the chest, and lifted the beautiful firm female carcass over the reclining Krull, lowering the cooked vagina so he could bite out the rare cooked cuntmeat. It was still bloody as he ripped it out with his teeth and chewed the succulent morsel. The teenager's cuntmeat was cooked just the way he liked it. The girl's beautiful sex organ had been cooked to perfection while she was alive, and made a delicious treat now that she was dead. Little Ooti was still bobbing up and down on Krull's impressive organ, pumping her tightly packed colon on the massive penis, enduring horrible anal pain while smiling at him seductively like a coy little nymphomaniac. She knew that her job was to keep his interest, and that if his interest waned before he fell asleep, he would likely take her life violently to entertain himself. She was a wise little ten year old, and a survivor. The headless and cuntless female carcass was tossed onto the roaring fire, and more logs were thrown over the crumpled dead bitchmeat. Soon the teenager's discarded remains as well as the new logs were flaming merrily. The girl had been lucky, as she had died relatively quickly, and in the camp of the Barbarians, a quick death was a blessing. Her only hope had been to die, and she had been granted a relatively easy death. Others would not fare so well, and would suffer the tortures of the damned before this night was over. The two men moved into the darkness past other fires where bloody sex sports were taking place. They saw a woman lying on her back, being fucked in her cunt and her throat, while two other men disembowelled her. Her training in pleasing men with her sexual charms was being completely wasted on these barbarians, who were not in the least interested in her ability to provide pleasure. They took what they wanted, and what they wanted was for her to experience incredible horrors as they mercilessly raped her. At another fire a buxom woman had an iron bar thrust through both her bit tits, and she was being lifted to swing by her impaled mammaries. The men had no idea how she would be used, but they were more interested in finding a suitable woman for Lrull than in watching the brutal execution of a tit-swinging bitch. At a third fire they saw a pair of twelve year old girls armed with small knives being forced to fight each other. The children were responding, and were stabbing at each other as if they were sworn enemies. Each had been instructed to get her blade into the other's hairless cuntlet, where they could severe damage before it became life-threatening. Killing was the object of the sport, but not before providing a great deal of entertainment to their Barbarian captors. Within a few moments the men returned to Krull's fire with a new sex toy. This was a marvelous creature, a noble woman with voluptuous proportions, and with well developed charms. It was the style in many of the port cities where hot and temperate climates permitted nudity as a fashion, to enhance the body parts to generate an erotic and provocative appearance. Her generous vulva lips had been enlarged and crafted to unfold nearly a hand's length below her neatly trimmed pubic mound, and they flared to reveal the rings that pierced their perimeter. She had been a very wealthy woman, because when her new slave boys were castrated, their little penises and testicle sacks had been pickled, dried, and pierced. Now they hung suspended by little gold chains from her distended vagina lips, and she wore more than two dozen of these, which dangled like a grotesque fringe between her legs. Her prize pieces hung from each pussy lip. Hanging well below the little pickled pricks of boys were the intact and fully erect penises of two grown men, complete with the attached scrotum. Her nipples had been worked since childhood, and now the big milkwarts stood out like erect penises. Her well shaped mammaries were very large, full, and firm. She was a marvelous specimen, with a beautiful face, long auburn hair, a narrow waist, and long shapely legs. Her husband would indeed miss her. Such women were frequently captured while shopping at dock side markets, as they often did their shopping with only a few female slaves with them. This made them an exceptional catch, because the slave girls were also valuable when captured, and they always went with their mistress, even when she was being enslaved herself. Krull began his session with the gorgeous rich bitch by removing her symbol of power. He grabbed her distended cuntlips, with their fringe of severed boy and men genitals. He pulled on the inner sexmeat as hard as he could, then he slashed off the bizarre distended organ lips with his knife and threw the heinous decoration into the fire. The beautiful naked noble woman screamed, as much from a sense of loss and degradation as from the searing pain. She had been stripped of what to her was the sign of her wealth and position. In that one simple act, Krull had made her feel like the slave she now was. She was nothing more than a beautiful living object that the men could use to amuse themselves before the next raid. Her purpose in life was to be abused in the most degenerate way the men might wish for her. She had seen enough of the carnal decadence along the broad beach in the past several hours to know that these Barbarian men were satisfying their endless lust for hot bitch blood, and that her remaining life could at best be numbered in hours, not days, weeks or years. A light sprinkle of her blood dripped from what remained of the Noble slave-woman's severed cuntlips. They were now reduced to normal size. They had been "educated" to the excessive size through hundreds of hours of finger manipulation by her slaves, who had stretched and shaped the delicate flesh petals into the large and dangling leaves on which she had displayed the severed sex organs of her male slaves. Now her femininity had been reduce to what was seen on a common woman. Without he impressive extension of her vulva lips, she had might as well be clothed. Krull instructed her to bend forward, and told Ooti, who was still riding his penis with her anus, to suck on one of the noble woman's thick and elongated nipples. The child did as she was bid, drawing the huge nipple into her mouth as if it were a penis. Ooti had been trained from the age of three to provide erotic penile simulation to her trainers and master with her entire body, most particularly with her mouth, and she had learned to overcome her gag reflex. She could take the raging erection of a fully grown male down her throat, and she found the nipple no larger than a twelve year old boy's sex root. Krull watched the child with interest as she sensuously mouthed the distinctive slave woman's enlarged nipple as if she were stimulating it to ejaculation. As the child worked the enhanced nipple in her pretty little educated mouth, she continued to writhe on his penis, fully anally impaled on the monstrous phallus. The olive skinned darling was indeed well schooled in the mysteries of erotic pleasures, and she was earning her keep this night. The child used her hands to massage and squeeze the large mammary, and was able to milk the breast, nurturing herself on the woman's ample supply of white nectar. Krull instructed the girl to release her mouth hold on the thick nub, and to spray herself with the woman's white extract, so that he could watch her creamy production being put to good use. The little girl obeyed, and drew a prodigious shower from the adult slave, who clearly had been wet nursing a child, possibly within the day. When the naked child had soaked her hair and her body in the slave woman's nutrient, she again took one of the large flesh spigots into her mouth, drawing it in deep and suctioning on it to continue to drain the woman's essence. The ten year old was nursing like an infant as she writhed on the enormous penis in her colon. "Bite it off!" Krull commanded her. The slave woman did not speak his language, and had not understood the command. She had no doubt about the child's resulting action, and her scream rang down the length of the beach. Without hesitation, little Ooti complied with her new master's command, clamping her jaw and digging her teeth into the base of the enlarged nipple with all her strength, and with astounding effect. Krull drove his fist into the screaming slave woman's face in a mighty blow, and as she jerked back, the huge nipple was ripped off in the child's mouth. Ooti grinned, sticking the wet and bleeding morsel out between her pursed lips like a fat cinnamon stick, her spittle dribbling from its tip. It was an obscene gesture, and one fully fitting for her specialized training. Ooti was a beautiful little girl totally without morals, as she had never had a role model to provide them. She had never formed an enduring relationship with anyone, as she had served masters who abused and took rather than preserved life, and she had never spent time with anyone for any length of time other than to share a sleeping mat with other children for as much as a week. She had even changed masters too often to get to know them or the many erotic trainers she had learned so much from. Ooti was a spunky child, and she not only understood, but also accepted, and seemed to fully enjoy her base level role in life. She was a slave girl who knew nothing else of life. She had been fortunate enough to have been given training in providing pleasure, and expecting none in return. She had often been requited to eat fresh excrement directly from the orifices of her masters, and thought nothing of hurting another slave if she was instructed to do so, for the pleasure of her keepers. Twice she had been required to kill for the entertainment of her masters. She had done the deed with a smile, and with not an instant of hesitation. Her station was too low for her to even consider the morality of her actions. She had only to obey, and if she did not she would die. One of her victims had been a little girl she had shared a mat with in the slave pens. The child had been bound naked, lying along a stout log. Ooti had been given a huge sword that was so heavy she could hardly lift it. She had been told to set the tip of the steel weapon into the little vagina of the bound girl, then to thrust it in its full length. Getting the big sword into place was difficult for her, and the men laughed at her naked struggles, masturbating as they watched her pull, tug, and lever the impossibly large weapon up between the bound youth's legs. She had at last got the sharp tip in line with the quivering little cunny, and with a heave she forced the cold steel abruptly into the tight sex slit. Her nine year old friend screamed at the shock of the sudden invasion of her body, and then she felt the pain. Ooti pushed on the heavy sword, trying to get it into the little girl as quickly as possible, to meet the requirements of killing the bound child as set by her master, while minimizing her little friend's distress. She saw nothing wrong in what she was doing, for she was providing her friend with an escape from the burdens of slavery. The great weapon was far to heavy for her to use easily or quickly, and she struggled for more than fifteen minutes to get the broadsword up into and through the torso of the bound and screaming child. Her master and his guests were greatly entertained as the naked Ooti clambered over the big log to which the child was bound. Ooti straddled it, trying everything she could to force the steel weapon deeper into the writhing body of her young friend. She quickly worked up a sweat, and soon her brown nakedness was a glistening sheen that sparkled as she worked. The women were particularly delighted with the sight of a little girl struggling to kill another girl, using a huge male weapon. They made several obscene suggestions, including that she work the huge handle of the sword into her own little cunnie. Ooti was too naive to realize this was not a command, and without hesitation, she attempted it. The task was impossible, but her efforts brought fits of laughter and more obscene comments. Ooti at last discovered that she got the best leverage by sitting on the girl's belly and pulling the great handle of the sword toward herself. What also helped was the damage that the tip of the weapon did as it was moved around inside the small girl's invaded sex organ. She was not permitted to stop until the handle of the weapon touched the naked quim of the little victim, and the bloodied blade stood out of the dead child's mouth nearly a fore-arm's length. The other victim Ooti had been commanded to kill was for another master, a Greek. It was at a banquet entertaining slave traders from far to the East. The Greek banquet was not just a meal, but could last from early afternoon on through the entire night. These three very special visitors had traveled with their large retinue of female slaves from Persia, and wanted to demonstrate to this influential buyer the quality of this special stock. It was an impressive collection of remarkable female creatures, some of them with a quality of nubian beauty never before seen. These black haired human does had been captured and brought from a strange far away land where they burned their dead and then deposited the scotched corpses into the river. The curious people of this far away land called their river Mother Ganges. The expedition to obtain these incredible slaves had taken nearly two years, and had yielded more than a thousand remarkable females ranging from seven to twenty-two years old. Ooti had listened to the slave traders' amazing tales with wide eyes. She had heard with disbelief how these people used wild tigers to hunt buxom young nudes for the entertainment of kings. Ooti's Greek master enjoyed to include human flesh in his special meals, and he wanted to taste one of these strikingly beautiful brown skinned girls. The one he selected was an exotic from the mysterious land. She was dark skinned, although not as dark as Ooti. She was no more than fifteen years old, and had a strong nose, like a Roman, but was much more beautiful. She had large dark brown eyes, with natural black lining that accentuated her beauty. Her physical features were extraordinary, with exaggerated round breasts, full buttocks, and an hourglass waist. Although she could not speak a known language, the Persians said her country was quite civilized in many respects, and this girl was an example of the finest sexual training of the exotic East. Her moves were new, but had a flavor familiar to and favored by the Greeks: she was an acrobat. As her highly erotic nude dance progressed, she proved to be in fact much more than an acrobat, she was also, like the best trained of the Egyptian dancers, a contortionist with extreme flexibility. The fifteen year old erotic dancer also demonstrated that she had gone through what the Persians themselves enjoyed. She had undergone extensive vagina enlargement. She completed her dance on top of the main dining table, in front of the master, with both of her feet, including the heels, planted firmly within her remarkably flexible sex cavity. The bronze skinned girl's thumbs were tied together tightly behind her back with a short length of cord, and her spread legs were bound to keep them tightly bent, preventing her from removing her feet from her vagina. A rope was lowered from the ceiling. Its end was bound around the girl's fat round breasts, and she was raised off the table so that she swung gently by the painful suspension. Now Ooti was called upon to climb onto the table. The naked child Ooti was given a sharp carving knife, and was told to open the dangling girl's belly. Without hesitation, she thrust the sharp blade into the girl's upper belly, ignoring the incredible piercing screams, and then pulled the blade sharply downward, ripping open the helpless girl's smooth brown flesh. The results were immediate and startling. Thick tangles of the young woman's bright colored intestines began to slide out over Ooti's hands as the child pulled downward with all her strength on the knife to complete the task she had been given. Although the Persians did not seem to mind, the Greek said he found the guts disgusting, and instructed Ooti to pull them all out, and to cut them off, so that they could be disposed of. The precocious little olive-skinned girl had spent enough time in the kitchens and the slaughter barns. She had often watched evisceration of animals and people, and she knew exactly what was expected. Sure enough, she found the girl from the far off land to be little different from a pig or a lamb inside. The only difference was animals were usually killed before they were gutted. These men found it much more interesting and entertaining to have this remarkable young acrobatic girl gutted while she was still alive. Ooti completed her job, taking only the intestines, not the organs out of her dangling female victim. The girl was to remain alive to experience all of the atrocities the men had planned for her. When slaves had cleared away the gutted girl's viscera, the Greek told Ooti to cut off a large slab of the girl's belly meat. "You can always tell the quality of a creature by the taste of its bacon", he said, and the Persians laughed. Ooti was told to cook the steak over the open fire, so she skewered it on a shaft, and held it over coals near the edge, away from the flames, being careful not to let it scorch. If she ruined this expensive meat, cut directly from the still living girl, she would be herself killed. The human meat sputtered and darkened as it cooked, and the Greek told Ooti to bring it to him before it was overdone. He bit off a chunk, and clearly enjoyed it as he chewed at the succulent morsel. He carved pieces from it and shared them with the Persians. Then he instructed Ooti to take a flaming brand from the fire and to hold it under one of the dangling gutted girl's buttocks, to roast it right on her. Ooti did as she was commanded. Because the girl's feet were still tucked tightly in her vagina, the dangling victim did not pose a threat. The rope tied around the girl's tits was pulled so that she was raised high enough to accommodate the torch under her buttocks. The fire under her ass brought out a piercing series of fresh screams from the gutted girl, and her squirming to try to avoid the searing flame caused as much distress to her tortured tits by which she was suspended as she was feeling on her roasting bum meat. In moments the large hall was filled with the screams of the cooking girl and the arousing aroma of live roasting human venison. The three Persian slavers were as anxious as the Greek to get at it. When the ass meat of the swinging girl from the East was judged to have cooked sufficiently, Ooti was commanded to swing her over to within reach of her Greek master, who caught the tortured human prize, and carved off her ass five thick succulent steaks. He saved the rarest for himself, and passed the others over to his reclining Persian guests. As the men ate the generous morsels, Ooti was told to kill the girl, with the large carving knife. The Greek instructed her to climb the hanging bitch, adding the weight on the poor young woman's incredibly stretched breasts, and to cut off the girl's head. Ooti climbed onto the back of the living carcass, and when she was within reach, she raised the knife to the girl's slender neck and reached around with it so that she could draw it across the front of the neck as she had seen being done with many female slaves who's time had come. She knew the girl could not understand her, but said to her "At least they did not force you to eat shit, because they wanted you clean for eating." The girl was still as little Ooti spoke, and with a single rapid slash of the sharp carving knife, she slit her throat. She found the spine more difficult to cut through than she had guessed, but with persistence, ignoring the gushing blood, Ooti completely severed the beautiful fifteen year old's head, and raised it high to display her triumph. She had committed no crime, but had done as she was bid by her master, the Greek, as part of the entertainment for himself and his guests. Ooti herself was scheduled to be the victim of an entertainment that same night, as she was to be fucked to death by a large trained bear, but as the event had started, after she was strapped into place on the rough rape bench, the Greek's island was raided by rogue slavers, pirates who stole their stock and then sold them to legitimate businessmen. Her young life was saved temporarily, but she was not guaranteed safety with any of her owners. She had come very close to death that time. The bear had been released, and had found and licked up her vagina with its large salivating tongue. The animal was climbing over her when the raiders had burst into the Greek's large villa and slain the men. The pirates had taken the rich booty of exotic females as their own slaves, as well as the collection of large wild animals. The raid had been enormously successful, and the pirates, after an orgy of lust and blood, had delivered their slaves to the auction for enormous profit. Little Ooti had been bought in a block of a score of girls her age, and moved into the home of another brutal master. She was as used to danger and to sexually abusive treatment as any slave could be, and she took the Barbarians' orgy of death lust in her stride, even as she rode the raging erection of the leader of the dreaded Barbers, while sucking on the large severed nipple she had bitten off the beautiful female slave. The naked noble woman lay quivering and trembling in the sand beside the fire. Tiny spurts of blood from her injured breast showed the rapid rate of her pounding heart. She knew that once it started with these merciless people, it never ended until the object of their attention was dead. For her it had started. She was pulled to her feet, and was left standing in front of the reclining warrior chief, shivering in the evening's heat like a trapped animal. "Give her back her nipple, Ooti," Krull said, and the child held the thumb sized object between her teeth, reaching her neck forward for the slave woman to reclaim it. Ooti's tightly gripping anus slid slightly upward on the warrior chief's thick penis as she leaned forward, and he readied his short sword, ready to instantly lop off the child's head if she pulled off him. The adult bitch got the idea, and with a look of horror and fear, she gingerly reached out and took back from the lips of the profane child her amputated nipple. Krull told the woman to put the thumb-sized nipple up into her anus, and with a moan of revulsion, the bitch did as she was told. She used her middle finger as a ramrod, and pushed the fleshy nub in as far as her finger would reach. This was a most degrading act for a noble woman. Whenever she carried coins with her to market, they were carried in the anus of one of her slaves. Her most valuable coins and gold nuggets were carried in an oiled pouch with a retrieval string in her own anus or vagina, but it was always put in and retrieved by a slave. These were recognized erogenous zones, and any form of self-touching was recognized as masturbation. Whenever she felt the urge, or wanted to be seen as a woman of stature, she would have one of her female slaves kneel down on the street so that she could sit on her back, and she would lean back, spread her knees, and have another of her trained slaves fondle her decorated cunt and her rectum, and from the sexual ministrations of her slave woman, she would enter into squealing orgasmic convulsions. This was a common scene in her city, and people would stop to watch and enjoy the raw carnal pleasure she was receiving from her slave. She always took with her a pair of specially trained slave girls who carried in their own orifices a personalized set of four novelty dildos whenever she went out shopping. The girls always had the artfully crafted and shaped artificial male organs ready to service their mistress when people she wanted to impress were nearby. It was not uncommon on a market afternoon to have half a dozen wealthy women sitting on slave girls in the public square, taking in large dildos or being fist fucked, and squealing with orgasmic delight as they were being serviced by their erotic little slave girls. It was a serious ritual for these socialites to compete with each other for the attention of passers-by. They took with them their specially trained sex slaves to arouse them, to ensure they would not have to resort to fake orgasm. That would be a social disaster if it were ever noticed that the noble woman was not truly experiencing a sexual climax during her public erotic performance. On the other hand, to touch themselves sexually was definitely an act below the dignity of women of their social standing. Only the middle and lower classes would actually masturbate, and then only in private, or at a public execution. Forcing a woman of her social standing to touch her own organs while others watched was a cruel and unusual punishment, and she was sure she would not survive the nasty experience. In the meantime, Krull was satisfied he was providing the woman with an appropriately deep level of humiliation. She could easily and willingly do whatever she was bid before a man, for that was the purpose of women, but to be forced do this debasing thing before a little slave girl was totally degrading. Ooti grinned with a bright smile at the noble woman, fully aware of the debasement her act represented. Ooti increased her bouncing and her squeezing action on the large phallus of the ferocious warrior as she felt the massive male organ beginning to relax inside her anus. She knew instinctively and from her extensive training how to maintain an erection for the men she serviced. As she worked the impaling organ, she watched the slave woman's long middle finger slide deep into her own rectum and then twist. He thrust in its full length, planting the severed nipple as deeply as possible into her self-violated colon. Ooti loved the humiliation being forced on the slave woman in front of her. It was a rare treat to be given the honor of contributing to the debasement of such a senior slave by witnessing her being forced to touch herself erotically. The woman was being brought down to Ooti's level by such a simple act. It was one of the few real pleasures she had been allowed in her short life. The woman was to die for the chief of the Barbarian raiders as a low, not a high slave. There was some justice in this world. Krull grabbed Ooti around her slender neck, and used that firm hold to pump the child up and down on his erection. He wanted more from her, and she responded immediately, using her educated colon to provide a milking action on the enormous invading male sex shaft, and using her lean legs to move herself up and down in the fashion Krull was demonstrating. The erotic little black girl's incredible anal action on the rigid penis shaft had momentarily distracted the big warrior chief from the beautiful slave bitch he was in the process of destroying. This little black slave girl was more skilful than any little girls Krull had ever had, and he had taken hundreds of children onto his penis. He decided he would give her a violent death fitting for such a marvelous little cock pleaser. Krull instructed two of his burly men to lift the adult slave bitch off the ground. One held her left ankle and wrist while the other grabbed her by the right ankle and wrist, and they pulled her spread-eagled for him, stretching her to the point of enormous discomfort, and presenting her gaping cunt as a fitting target for Krull's long snaking woman whip. This monstrous whip was no ordinary punishment weapon. It was fashioned from the inner loin muscle from the legs of thirty tall women, with meat stripped from them while they were alive, to provide the material for this weapon. The rest of the beautiful Amazon bitches was not wasted: their firm breasts and cunts adorned the shields of Krull's fierce warriors during their next raid, terrifying the army they attacked, and giving them an added advantage.

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