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de Mullotto

de Mullotto 2
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    Warhammer 2
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    Tibool 2
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Martin van Maele
    Torturman 2
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    Dorifor 2
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    Dubigeon 2
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Kasta La Denero
    Z 2
Paula Russel
    Benson 2
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    Bound for good
    Curiosity Cat
    Denizen: Corporate Acquistion
    Fantasy Hotel
    Rubber Dolly
    Sillicon Valley Doll
    Tammys Greatest Test
    Tower Full
    User Frendly
    Single 2
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    Otaku 2
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Andrew Wolkoff
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Paul Jean
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Georges Pichard
Samura Hiroaki
Bruce Morgan
Valentine’s Day
Mr.Hyde "Pirates of the XXI Century"
    Pirates of the XXI Century 2
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Photos of Ancient Rome
    Markiz 2
BDSM postcards
Cards by Rita Faltoyano
Illustrations for Novels

This section contains mostly graphics, but also full comixes and illustrated stories.

Farrel is my favorite. You can imagine a lot of things, may be a whole story, when you looking at his single drawing.

Guynard works. His stile reminds me Farrell drawings.

Drawings of hanging of naked women by Bor. All materials are published with artist's permission.

Salamander - very talented artist. Recently I got a letter from him: 
Hello this is Salamander. I like your website very much and I am happy that you found my pictures. Because I like your website and because you do not require people to pay money, you are permitted to use any of my drawings that please you. I hope that you like them! и I am happy that you enjoy my art!

Ulriks - bondage and torture of women with hairy pussies.

de Mullotto - the interesting artist worked in the end 80 - the beginning of 90th years of the last century. Till now his pictures were published only on a paper.

Exclusive works of Gray and Warhammer.

Koff - real photosession in which I participated.

Dorifor is the interesting, original and easily recognized thematic artist.

Dubigeon works in style of an engraving. Hi is the first illustrator "Histoire d'O".

Cuterr very much loves circuits and Muslim surroundings.

Jef - the little-known thematic artist. Specialization - the naked nature, type studio, with addition in the works of plots of BDSM.

Kasta La Denero - the little-known thematic artist. Specialization - hooks, exotic linkage.

Z - exclusive gallery. The artist from Hungary itself has addressed to me with the request to expose him 63 works.

Paula Russel - it is thin the written details, an ancient manner of an engraving, and plots, behaviour of characters, clothes, - concerning to XVIII-XIX centuries.

Alexus - the interesting, original and easily recognized thematic artist.

Benson - very known and prolific thematic artist combining a saturation by sadistic details and deliberate primitiveness, frequently with improbable greater breasts.

Edith - the interesting thematic artist with greater imagination.

Van-Valery - very severe thematic artist.

Vasilevs - deliberately angular forms, influence of classical art schools of the end XIX - the beginnings of XX century is felt.

R-ice - mix of primitiveness and classical schedules.

Cracer - the original thematic artist.

Sterne - he signs the figures placed on this page though some of them already were in galleries under other name. But let artists among themselves understand :)

Dub - he have a lot of "fisting" scenes and favor big/strong/thick (not porcine) women in BDSM predicaments. I got a letter from him:
I hope you enjoy the attached works. I adopt by reference Sal's comments that you posted (regarding use of the attachments). Thanks for your very strong, interesting site.

Gronc - the artist very much loves circuits, hooks and an iron ring in a female anus.

Single - very good the schedule, details are well drawn. Works Thematic BDSM.

Otaku - predilections - roasting in the furnace, a guillotine, a cross. Thus the sex of a victim basically is indifferent.

Artist Tibool considers that the women at the first opportunity should be sent to work in the quarries.

Torturman - the artist very realistically depicts the torture of women with a detailed description of the suffering of victims.

Mr.Hyde recently returned from a trip to Somalia, Nigeria and some other african countries. On the road, he photographed a lot, and eager for sensations in the local media even began to issue yellow leaf "Pirates of the XXI Century" with his photographs. Some editions of this newspaper are presented in Galleries on specially opened for that page

Photos of Ancient Rome. They were discovered in Alexandria after the great fire in 47 BC.

BDSM postcards. Old good times in the cards and vintage photos. Evidence of the long BDSM history.

Varnishing. Арт еxhibition. Send me your own bdsm drawings. Best contributions I'll post there.
They can be replaced by the new ones. 

Illustrations for Novels. In this section you can see the illustrations for a novel Last konung of Frontierland sent me by an author. 100 exclusive pics include as photomanipulations as drawings created with the help of other BDSM artists. Gallery subject is slaves, warriors, amazon women, sex and violence in ancient environment.

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